Mezunlarımız ile Sohbet – Carmen Papapicco

Dünya Dans Merkezinden mezun olan öğrencilerimizin bundan sonraki hayatlarına balenin onlara kattığı disiplinli çalışma yetisi ile devam edeceklerini ve bu durumu her zaman avantaja çevirebileceklerini biliyoruz. Biz onların gelişimine bire bir şahit olduk ama birde onların ağzından dinlemeniz için mezun öğrencilerimiz ile keyifli sohbetler gerçekleştirdik. Bugün başarılı birer balerin olan gururumuz öğrencilerimiz sorularımıza içtenlikle cevap verdiler. Sizlerle paylaşıyoruz

1. When and how did you start ballet first time training in the world dance center?

I started training at Dunya Dans Merkezi in October 2014. I came from Italy because of dad’s job and I searched for the best ballet schools in Ankara and I found you; I decided to give it a try and I really liked it.

2. What did you feel while studying at the World Dance Center?

While studying at this dance school I felt I was improving so much and I was learning new things I really hadn’t studied before knowing you. World Dance Center has given me the tools for having an upgrade in my dance career for sure and it helped me relate with amazing dancers and teachers

3. What kind of contribution did ballet education provide to you over the years?

I, for sure, learnt so many new things at World Dance Center and I am so thankful that I got to know this place. These teachers gave me the right preparation in order to be accepted at the National Danza Academy in Rome (Italy), and without them for sure I would have never been able to make it.

4. What can you say about your physical and self-confidence change during the training.

While I was training at World Dance Center I felt like I was chasing under many different aspects. I was developing myself as a person and as a dancer as well. I think that thanks to my teachers but also to the shows we had done, they help me built self-confidence in order to believe more in myself. Also, physically, my body has been going through positive changes because of the hard work I was doing, I became more a dancer at the end of the three years.

5. World Dance center and ballet What does it mean in your life?

The time I spent in Turkey in the first place is one of the best memories I have in my life. World Dance Center has been a life changing experience: I got to know many different people, friends, high quality teachers… I have spent a very good time there and for sure World Dance Center has helped me achieving some goals that I had in mind to achieve in dance. I spent very good time there and I would suggest this place to anyone who would like to approach himself / her to the wonderful world of ballet.